• AD or left/right arrow to control character
  • Space bar to do action

Stick war is a strategic defense game based on stick figure cartoon style. You need not only to ensure abundant reserve materials but also to maintain the construction of the army so that you can defeat the enemy. And set up a real strong command, trying to conquer the territory of a world here.

Stick war’s game operations

In Stick war, you only need to walk around the world through the direction keys. Secondly, the space key allows the stick figure to attack.

Stick war’s game content

Before entering the battle, what you need to do is to prepare materials and strive to create a stable flow of materials. Secondly, it is necessary to maintain the construction of the army to ensure the defeat of the enemy. After each occupation of land, you can get rewards, which you can use to upgrade your army, such as increasing the speed of soldiers. Or strengthen the promotion of your fortress’s attribute points. To ensure your indestructible existence in this club world.

Stick war’s game features

You have the right to control the stick figures and let them attack the way you want. Stick war has multiple levels and several different game modes, which can satisfy you to test whether your strategy is wise or not.

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